Apr 17, 2012

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox Alleges that Marc Randazza set up CEO Steve Gibson for his own personal gain and his connections to Stephens Media LLC.

CEO Steve Gibson seems to be claiming the Lawyers set him up. And well I would agree as they all have blogs, news journals and big friends in high places. And they use these Media tactics and connections to paint the story the way they want the public to eat it up.  Meanwhile the attorneys screw over their own client.  I say CEO Steve Gibson should sue the insurance provider for all attorneys involved, get their emails, phone records, and talk to people in the industry and I think you can prove the all conspired to "Ambush" Righthaven after they convinced Righthaven to Sue all those people.

"In Fighting Sanction, Righthaven CEO Complains of Foes' 'Ambush Tactics'

The CEO of copyright lawsuit filer Righthaven LLC is complaining that he's the victim of "unconscionable" ambush tactics by opposing attorneys in one of several lawsuits filed by the company.
Steven Gibson, who is facing a fine of $500 per day over Righthaven's failure to turn over financial information in the case, says the attorneys are unfairly trying to pin the blame on him for not producing the data. He claims the responsibility lies not with him or the company but with an attorney who has represented Righthaven, Shawn Mangano."

Source of Quote

So was Shawn Mangano working with Marc Randazza and J. M. DeVoy in order to set Righthaven to Ruin?  How Connected is Shawn Mangano and Marc Randazza?  Was Stephens Media LLC really behind all this to teach Steve Gibson a Lesson, or to "make an enemy" of him because the attorneys did not get their way ?

I say that CEO Steve Gibson is telling the Truth about the Attorneys. And that is not to say that I am for the Copyright Lawsuits, that was wrong, and ridiculous, in my Opinion.

Blogger Crystal Cox agrees that Righthaven was Ambushed by Shawn Mangano, Marc Randazza and others in all this. Righthaven should not have sued, however who recommened they sue? What is really going on? Who ended up getting the payday? Follow the Money. And in this class action that looks to be coming against Righthaven, don't forget that these attorneys really did "Ambush" and work together to set up CEO Steve Gibson, in my Opinion. As they sure seem to gang up to get their way from what I can see.

So consider the Liability Insurance of Randazza Legal Group when your looking to Sue Righthaven, in my Opinion.

"Righthaven LLC -- a bottom feeding legal outfit -- has teamed up with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Denver Post to sue mom and pop websites, advocacy and public interest groups and forum board operators for copyright infringement. "

The Las Vegas Review Journal is Righthaven Right, as is Stephens Media LLC, and yet Marc Randazza seems to be no friend of Righthaven, yet he is a friend to Stephens Media LLC whom is Righthaven essentially, right? Who really got paid what in all this?

I know that Stephens Media LLC sure is defending Marc Randazza in the Search Engines to paint him as a Great Guy and First Amendment Savior, even though he violated my constitutional rights, interfered with my case, and inspired a hate campaign against me with easily proven, flat out lies.
Marc Randazza Fluff Piece by Stephens Media LLC.

So what is really going on with all this?
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CEO Steve Gibson if your Reading this, email me your side to all this

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