Apr 8, 2012

Hey Did Georgetown University put Marc Randazza up to Favoring Rush Limbaugh? Just a Thought..Oh and Why Does the False Prophet Randazza Hate Strong, Smart Women ?.

In Reading Marc Randazza's Resume, I have a Theory. This is just a Theory.

Maybe Marc Randazza spoke out on CNN and elsewhere, possibly Paid by Georgetown University, his Alumni, or as a special favor to them. See favoring Rush Limbaugh would go along with the University not paying for contraceptive in their insurance, right... I mean it did create another side.. and certainly a smoke screen that took the accountability, seemingly off of the University itself. I mean come on, why not include birth control in the insurance plan at a University?

What, you want women to get pregnant, drop out and go home all barefoot and pregnant? It is prudent to not get pregnant in Law School with the heavy demands one has, so why violate this choice? And why does Marc Randazza seem to hate strong, smart women ?

Anyway just a theory, as Sandra Fluke is a Georgetown Law Student as was Randazza, right?

I mean to say it's ok for Rush Limbaugh to Say what he did, and then attack me for simply buying a domain name, talk about a whiny, butthurt, hypocrite.  Clearly Marc Randazza has no respect for Women's Rights, and clearly Marc Randazza does not buy into the whole "woman have brains too" concept.

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