Apr 5, 2012

Did Marc Randazza Extort Rush Limbaugh? What was the Real Motive to Defend Rush Limbaugh and kick woman's rights back a hundred years? Why did Marc Randazza attack Sandra Fluke's Rights?

Consider This, in the Great Whom Extorted Whom Debate, Why did Marc Randazza get on CNN, and other Media Outlets to defend Rush Limbaugh for calling Sandra Fluke a Slut and saying that Taxpayers want to watch the tape ?

Was Marc Randazza hired by a political party as some blogs suggest? Or was Marc Randazza simply trying to get a "Pay Day" by speaking out in support of Rush Limbaugh and against Sandra Fluke, which one had more money? Which one has more political dollars behind them in this, oh so important election year? Follow the Money. And look deep into all this as connected to Kenneth P. White of PopeHate.com and Brown White & Newhouse LLP is a Los Angeles and Political Ties.

I believe Marc Randazza saw a Pay Check and spoke out against Sandra Fluke in Favor of Rush Limbaugh, in Order to Get Hired on by Rush Limbaugh or his Cronies. Marc Randazza may have even contacted those working with Rush Limbaugh to extort them, I mean ask for a job in his area of expertise.

Marc Randazza seems to have took it on himself to interject into the Sandra Fluke attack and the huge insurance / contraceptive debate. And Marc Randazza defending what Rush Limbaugh Said which was sick at best. What is the Real Motive? What Makes Marc Randazza Tick?

Video on the Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke Scandal

Marc Randazza takes it up on himself to jump in the middle of the Debate

Butthurt is Butthurt, Unless it is Marc Randazza that is Butthurt

Rush Limbaugh Can Say What he Wants about Sandra Fluke, But Crystal Cox Better Do as I Say or I will Make an Enemy of Her.


Marc Randazza Defends Don Imus, Calls it a National Freak Out
"what do you mean he went after your wife Howie?" It's not cool what he said about your wife have sex with a dog, but step back from hating the man, and think about the ISSUE.

Marc Randazza Defends Isaac Eiland-Hall in Buying and Owning the Domain Name (GlennBeckRapedandMurderedaYounggirlin1990.com )

Regarding the Isaac Eiland-Hall Case

Marc Randazza on the Glen Beck Issue.

Marc Randazza on Wikinews Regarding Isaac Eiland-Hall

Isaac Eiland-Hall Letter To Glen Beck


Blogger Crystal Cox

Glenn Beck Can't Take the Heat? (Really .. hmmm.. Marc Randazza Can't Take the Heat )

WIPO Cases Crystal Cox Blogger in Her Pro Se Capacity WON over Domain Name Disputes

AllenFagin.com Proskauer Rose Attorney

JosephLeccese.com Proskauer Rose Attorney and Big Wig

GreggMashberg.com Proskauer Rose Attorney

Article About my WIPO Case

The Proskauer Rose Domain Names were purchased to Fight for the Justice of the iViewit Inventors. More on that at http://www.deniedpatent.com/ AND  http://www.iviewit.tv/

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