Apr 21, 2012

Public Participation Project Kenneth P. White fights against Blogger Crystal Cox's Right to Free Speech.

Many are asking about my Rip Off Report.. I will tell you more on that soon, but for Now I am certain, in my belief that Kenneth P. White of PopeHat.com posted that RipOff Report. I will not be posting reports on them on that site. I am filing Bar Complaints however.

What makes me feel it is Kenneth P. White, is he has categorized me under Medical Expert Witness, this I believe is because he posts Rip Off Reports a lot in that category to make Medical Expert Witnesses seem not credible, as he seems to be working against the Alternative Medicine Industry, more on that later. Why else put me in that category, makes no sense.

Kenneth P. White has it in for me and the reason is unclear. I was exposing corruption in a major bankruptcy case, I extorted no one nor was on trial for extortion.

I really was helping people who really were violated by the actions of Kevin D. Padrick. I still fight for these victims every day, in hopes of getting this story heard. And I am filing complaints and exposing them more. What I claim they did, was not my story, it was not made up, it is documented and there for anyone who wants to research.  But instead Kenneth P. White attacks me, when I am the good guy, I have done this selflessly for years and lost everything. I have not posted bad information and been paid to remove it, that just never, ever happened.

What would motive an attorney to do this?  Does he simply believe I am evil and want to punish me?  Is Kenneth White simply jumping on the Marc Randazza bandwagon?  I mean why attack me, I did nothing wrong, illegally or even unethical. I am Exposing Corruption.  I have been fighting for the Summit Bankruptcy victims for years, and for many other victims of the Culture of Corruption in America. I was sued by Kevin Padrick, I was not the one who put his "bad reputation" out there, truly he was and this was proven in Stephanie Deyoung's blog via videos of Kevin Speaking, Court Audios, internal email with the Dept. of Justice and many attorneys involved, contracts, bills, tax documents, legal filings, court transcript and more.  I was getting this stuff found in my own unique, independent way.

Anti-Slapp should have applied to me and it did not. All this to cover up corruption in Oregon. Kenneth White seems to fight for Anti-Slapp and Freedom of Speech rights but just not for me because in the court of Randazza and Ken White I am simply guilty of extortion because they say so, even if the facts of the case are just the opposite. And even if I was found guilty of extortion, or any crime really, well then I would go to jail.. thing is I would still be "media", the laws should still apply to me, and regardless of their opinion of my standards, I should still be protected under the same laws that keep RipOff Report up and running, those same laws that allow David Carr, Jeff Manning and Kashmir Hill to flat out lie about me, defame me and launch a hate campaign against me.

Why are they singling me out as different? Selective Prosecution? Because I Cuss? Because I buy great domain names? Because I fight back with the Truth? Why? AM I really the most evil person they have known or defended the Freedom of Speech for, Really?

Marc Randazza lied about our correspondence, lied about the domain that allegedly put him in "terror", Kashmir Hill lied about it and certainly never got my side and she is protected by those same laws that I am not and she is LYING, I was telling the Truth about Obsidian Finance Group.

Kenneth White of Partner, Brown White & Newhouse LLP is part of the Public Participation Project yet he is squashing my rights, why? I really am trying to help victims, and I really am posting the truth to the best of my ability.

Why are so many in the Freedom of Speech Coalition, and Fighting for the Rights of Online Speech, against me, One Blogger?

They say because they don't like may standards? What does that have to do with if what I am saying is true or if I have a right to say it. Certainly what Kenneth posted at RipOff Report about me was not true, but he is protected to be anonymous and is protected to defame me, and flat out lie about me. As is David Carr of the New York Times and Kashmir Hill as the post one part of a email in the Randazza case, and one email out of a serious of 4 in the case of David Aman, the Plaintiff's Attorney in Obsidian V. Cox.  They take out a piece and convict me in their court of public opinion without the facts.

EFF seems to chime in and EFF has never spoke to me. Much more on the EFF Factor in all this soon. Many ask why is EFF speaking out against me when they were defending me? Folks EFF was defending the precedence, EFF never spoke with me nor have they heard my side or give me the respect to a conversation. EFF is also working with Randazza and Devoy in Righthaven, more on all that coming soon.

There simply is nothing I can do if people do not want to read the documented facts and instead want to listen to rambling hearsay and opinions.  The case I was on Trial for, has tons of documented FACTS. And I was only on trial for ONE EMAIL, not Extortion Charges.

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