Apr 12, 2012

The New Jersey Courts served Shellee Hale up the Same Justice as the Oregon Courts Served up Blogger Crystal Cox. So does the Porn Industry Control Media, Control Judges and Suppress Information with Power, Secrets and Clout? I bet So. And Note they are using the iViewit Technology that I fight for the inventors rights over.

"Shellee Hale, claimed security flaws in a company in the online porn industry, is being sued by a Freehold firm for slander. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the case today."

"Depending how far the ruling goes, the case involving Washington State resident Shellee Hale could more clearly define whether bloggers receive the same type of protections as "traditional’’ journalists in New Jersey.

Hale, a former Microsoft employee and a private investigator, argues she was preparing an article for her website, Pornafia, on the infiltration of pornography on the Internet when she posted her comments about Too Much Media Inc. in 2008.

In comments she posted to a message board about a security breach by TMM, Hale claimed its owners had threatened her. TMM, which helps online adult entertainment companies track sales, sued for defamation and Hale sought protection of New Jersey so-called shield law from revealing her sources. TMM argued Hale is not a journalist and fabricated the purpose of her website to seek the protection."

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Shellee Hale Lost this Case as many of us know by now, but WHY?

See Bloggers Can Be Journalists,
Just Not Crystal L. Cox or Shellee Hale, Why?

Well, you see, it is because we do a better job at telling the Real News than the archaic Big Media like Forbes, New York Times, the Oregonian, Lee Enterprises and More. And we are truly independent.
Bloggers are the Real News, and Investigative Bloggers Crystal Cox and Shellee Hale proved that.

Oh and remember the Big Talking of Washington State Attorney, Bruce E. H. Johnson about how if the case was in Washington, the Shield Law would apply.  Thing is Shellee Hale was a Washington State Resident, and the company was in New Jersey, so that is where they served up her justice.

Yet Judges in both cases say that we are not journalists because we are not associated with Big Media. And Judge Marco Hernandez, after accusing blogger Crystal Cox of a crime she did not commit in an Motion to Deny a New Trial in a "Civil Case", well Judge Marco Hernandez claimed that bloggers can be journalists, just not this blogger? Really?  

What about Shellee Hale? I guess it is just any blogger who threatens their Good Ol' Boys and Gals Network of using "Media" to supress information, control the masses, turn victims into criminals, and use the "News" to sell products and information in a way that keeps bringing in Big Money, for BIG Media and the Political, Corporate driving force behind their agenda.

I had many email me on the Shellee Hale story last summer, as the same thing was happening to me. Whereby a Judge said we are not protected as journalists because we are not connected to main stream media.

Thing is, I did not know how related my exposing corruption was to the Porn Industry. I knew that the Porn Kings use the iViewit Technology. However this case, seemingly about Free Speech, really to me is about the FACT that bloggers, "New Media", certainly are "News Media" and they do a better, deeper, more independent job of investigating the story.

Bloggers are passionate about their story and, independent bloggers are not paid for a particular story most of the time. These investigative bloggers simply go after a story because they are passionate about it for some reason or the other. Oftentimes they know someone affected by a certain company, corporations, or judicial authority and they start a blog and dig deep. These anti-corruption, real news bloggers, are who I stand for, as they get constant attacks from all sides for simply bringing you the real story with documents, facts, and proof.

Big Media needs to silence bloggers like me, and Shellee Hale, in order to keep their control over the masses with their version of the "Real News", which is, most often just partial quotes, pieces of videos and no documents to back up the story. They simply call both sides and get a double does of hearsay and they call that the news. And they present the news with an "Agenda". You have always known this, however NOW bloggers threaten this strong foothold of control and power. And Big Media wants to Shut us UP.

I had a vision last night, as yes, laugh or not, but this is intensely spiritual for me. Anyway, I saw the Shellee Hale case brightly lit in my minds eye, and felt strong about looking again as to whom she was exposing and how her Judicial Decision seemed to suppress the real information she was bringing to light.

So today I looked at the story again from the perspective I now have, and there it was. She was exposing the Porn Industry. And where was this case? New Jersey, which is where David Carr of the New York Times is the Reigning Media Scum King.  Just how connected David Carr is to money in the porn industry, I am not sure and plan to investigate this along with my army of investigative bloggers. If you want to join us in exposing corruption, start a blog, with FACTS, proven facts, and email a link to me SavvyBroker@Yahoo.com

It makes sense now, as the Porn Industry is what really got the internet technology to where it is today. And iViewit Alone got video technology to where it is today, though the inventors never got any rights.

The New York Courts, as Well as Florida are the Judges, and main "Authority" behind protecting Proskauer Rose, MPEG LA, Warner Bros., Liberty Media, Sony, Time Warner Inc., Foley and Lardner, Michael Grebe, AOL, Arthur Anderson, and others in the Courts.

And all these connection have controlled the USPTO for over a decade and Eliot Bernstein and the iViewit Technology Company, Inventors have yet to see any money or rights for what is now, a 13 Trillion Dollar Video Technology, that the Porn Industry has been fully dependent on for over a decade.

Liberty Media, Corbin Fisher, Warner Bros., ATT, and many others have used the iViewit Technology for over a Decade. Yet the iViewit Technology inventors never got patent rights to this stolen technology. There is over 1000 documents online proving this case and still no justice for the iViewit Inventors.



Now that this is all coming together for me, I am convinced that Marc Randazza was planning on sabotaging my case to protect Big Wigs in the Porn Industry. He was already working on this, as my alleged attorney, and then he was called by my Real Attorney, and so not knowing my Real Attorney contacted me, Marc Randazza emailed that he would represent me, though he was already working on all this behind my back. Marc Randazza, I am convinced, wanted to make this go away, whatever it took to NOT go to appeal to protect the rights of the Porn Industry whom he is their Star Attorney.

Thank God, the Great Spirit that I have the Attorney I do have, and that this amazingly important issue to citizen journalists, whistle blowers, whistle bloggers, and anti-corruption bloggers are getting seen in a different light and getting this debate into an arena to decide once and for all, are ANY bloggers Journalists?

Are bloggers journalists unless they get serious and expose corruption where the corrupt could lose millions? Are bloggers journalists except for Crystal Cox and Shellee Hale because they affect the bottom line of big Porn Companies and Major Energy Companies such as Obsidian Finance Group, as well as the corruption in the Judicial System itself?

Bottom line, Traditional Journalists like David Carr of the New York Times, have a lot to lose if Bloggers are legally considered Journalists and have the same rights as Journalists. Bottom Line, the Porn Industry seems to control whatever the hell they want to control for a multitude of reasons. They have big money, big power and lots' of secrets on each other it seems.

Also don't forget folks, most of my posts were deemed protected speech. It was the alluding to facts that concerned them, seeings how I am not "big media" and all.


All except for one post where it looked like this Yammering Blogger was attempting to be factual and bring to you hard hitting FACTS. 

Start a Blog
Expose Corruption
You are the Real News.

And though I keep getting offers to let me out of a $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement if I Stand Down, I refuse, for I stand for all citizen journalists, whistle blowers, whistle bloggers, and anti-corruption bloggers, whom I consider the Real News, Of the People, by the People, for the People.

Una Stamus
Stand TALL 
you are a Lighthouse in a Shit Storm Bloggers.

More on the Shellee Hale Case

She also does internet investigations and reputation management.

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