Apr 20, 2012

Wordpress Sucks indeed.. they Let Marc Randazza Lie on his blog, drag in innocent people, and post hate regarding me.

However they take down my blog posting my side as they side with / stand up for Super Hero Hypocrite Marc Randazza... We all know by now that Todd Kincannon is working with Marc Randazza against the illusion of a company called Righthaven, which really seems to be Stephens Media in a Hocus Pocus.. and EFF attorneys are in there too.. it is as if they are all on the same side.. which is one of the main reasons I started speaking out in support of the real estate consumer when I watch the attorneys on all sides do what was best for their biggest, quickest paycheck. That is what I believe is happening with the Stephens Media ~ Righthaven Hoax that seems to be orchestrated by Marc Randazza and sidekicks J. M. DeVoy, and Todd Kincannon. Much more on all that Hocus Pocus later.. got a tip..


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