Apr 11, 2012

Liberty Media Attorney Marc Randazza is trying to Suppress the Truth about iViewit and Lightsquared.

Digital Watermarking Technology, Corbin Fisher and the Use of the iViewit Technology without the inventors getting paid, Liberty Holdings Inc. and just what it will cost them when they have to pay for a decade of using the iViewit Technology.

All this and more are reasons Marc Randazza is attacking Blogger Crystal Cox.

"Liberty Media Corporation (commonly referred to as Liberty Media or Liberty) is an American media conglomerate and the control is exercised by company Chairman John C. Malone, who owns a majority of the voting shares."

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"Liberty Media began in 1991 as a spin-off of TCI, an American cable-television group. Peter Barton, hired by TCI's Malone, served as president until retiring in April 1997 to start an investment firm and spend time with his family.[3]"


TCI, Tele-Communications Inc. is connected to AT&T, Comcast,Charter Communications Bell Atlantic, Bob Magness and John Malone.

Remember folks ATT is involved in the IViewit Scandal, and ATT is involved in connection with Clearwire's Craig McCaw to STOP Lightsquared from bringing Internet service to all rural areas and cheaper then Verizon, Clearwire, and

John Deere Tractor, Rockwell Collins, Senator Grassley, Trimble Navigation and more are involved in this conspiracy to keep Philip Falcone from making Lightsquared a reality for us all to have cheaper, better internet service.




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"On March 13, 1998, Liberty Media Group and TCI Group announced the merger of Encore and STARZ! into a single company – Encore Media Group"

These are both connected to iViewit Technology and to the Conspiracy to STOP Lightsquared, Harbinger Capital Philip Falcone.

More Connected to Liberty Media and involved in running Lightsquared OUT and in suppressing the TRUTH about the iViewit Technology.

Sprint, ATT, Liberty Livewire, Todd-AO which provided audio and video post-production services, David Beddow, Discovery Channel,DirectTV, News Corporation, QVC, Time Warner,Liberty Digital, Liberty Satellite & Technology, UnitedGlobalCom, Liberty Global, Liberty completed a purchase of Green Bay, Wisconsin, television station WFRV-TV, and satellite station WJMN-TV in Escanaba, Michigan, which serves the Marquette, Michigan, market. The deal was part of a swap of 7.59 million shares of common stock in CBS, WFRV, WJMN, Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Sirius XM Radio Inc.,Liberty Media,Sirius XM, Sirius XM .

They ALL use the iViewit Technology and owe iViewit Inventors Billions on Top of Billions. And many of them are involved in the Lightsquared scandal to STOP fair competition of a New Wireless company what had already invested Billions and had FCC approval and was STOPPED by many of the folks in this post, so they can keep charging to much for wireless and phone service with no fair competion. And they have breaks in service that Lightsquared would not.

Lightsquared and the iViewit Technology, I ROAR about, in defense of and Marc Randazza is protecting Big Media and Tech Companies that STOLE the IViewit Technology and have used it for FREE for over a Decade, and Marc Randazza is helping to protect the STOPPING of Lightsquared.

Liberty Media WHINES bigtime over those who download their movies, yet they don't even pay for the technology that the movies's are being made on. And then have the nerve to go after Kim Dotcom.

More on Warner Bros.

More on iViewit

Other Assets

Liberty Media is a prominent investor. In addition to its own offerings, the company also owns the stock of several major media and telecommunication companies. As of September 1, 2011,[37] primarily through Liberty Capital unless noted, Liberty has assets of the following companies not listed above:


ALL are using the iViewit Technology

This is ALL the Reason that Liberty Media Attorney Marc Randazza is attacking Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox with flat out LIES.  The point is to scare me into stopping my appeal in Obsidian V. Cox. See they don't want me getting more media, or the TRUTH to come out, see then the iViewit story hits the headlines and they owed Billions a year for over a Decade to the inventors of ALL video they have been using.

Also Keep in Mind that Michael Grebe was in charge of Foley and Lardner when the iViewit Technology was stolen. Obama used to work there. And Grebe groomed Scott Walker and is part of the Bradley Foundation.

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