Apr 22, 2012

Start your own Blog, unite, Expose Corruption.

I don't expect to WIN, there is no Winning, there is only Exposing Corruption in the hope of helping the Victims of it, if only by a small amount. And hoping to make the world a better place by shining a bit of light in deep dark places where Corruption has been ruining lives for Centuries.

It is a Spiritual Mission for me, and one that I may just lose my life over. I have been set up, threatened, drugged, harassed for years. My life changed for ever when I stood up for Victims of Montana Corruption. My phones were tapped years ago by Homeland Security, as people would call my home and get Homeland Security. My phones were tapped also allegedly by Michael Grebe, of the Bradley Foundation who is said to "Run the FBI". I am held at borders, held separate at airports and all, at that time because I was exposing Rape in Lincoln County Montana and the Cops, the County Attorney who had DNA Evidence, Rape Kits, Proof and FAILED to prosecute over and over in order to protect the Wall of Corruption in Montana.

This is a way of life for me now, my life before I stood up, I will never get back, however they will not get my Spirit, they will not own the Truth, and I will not Lie to Protect their Evil.  I know my Truth, I know my God.

The Wall of Corruption is so powerful that it keeps the people down. And what good is life her on Earth if your constantly tormented by those who you work hard to pay to protect you?

There may never be a way to WIN, or a way for the Light to Beat the powers of the dark. The thing is I must try, and I hope that many of you will continue to try should these guys, at some point take my life. To be honest, I am surprised I have lived this long.

Montana Corruption involves the top of the top, I mean in Montana we have Baucus, who is in very big with the Drug Companies, we have Rumsfield and Ted Turner.. we have WR Grace running amok and NIH in Hamilton Protecting Corruption as Well.  We have the University of Montana who protects Corruption and the Montana FBI who seems to be "in" with the Lincoln County and Ravalli County Corruption and we Homeland Security as we are on the Canadian Border and this leads to drug runners who make deals with dirty cops. I expose them and I am put on a Terrorist Watch List.

I have had long talks with Top State Investigators with close relatives at the Top of the FBI.  In Montana it is common knowledge that it cost $50,000 to get a Supreme Court Decision your way. Which I believe is what Billionaire Devils WR Grace Did. 

I talk about iViewit on my Blogs in which involves Michael Grebe of the Bradley Foundation, and who used to run Foley and Lardner when Obama worked there and when the 13 Trillion Dollar iViewit Technology was Stolen. Iviewit also involves Greenberg Traurig, which is said to be who the movie "The Firm" is best on. There is also Proskauer Rose Law Firm, one of the most powerful law firms in the world. Iviewit also involves Lockheed Martin, Warner Bros., Time Warner, AOL, Sony, and More.

Iviewit also involves Intel Corp., in which I expose all the time and Mike Bruzzone of Camp Marketing has been exposing in detail for 13 years, people in those cases were simply said to be "gassed" by Intel.  Intel Corp. will do ANYTHING to control Technology, Steal Patents and well. Lie, Cheat and Steal..

Aurther Anderson does the audits for Warner Bros. and many other companies involved in the Cover Up of the 13 Trillion Dollar iViewit Technology. The CPA in Obsidian V. Cox that gave his "Opinion" that the Blog Post was not Fact, was an ex-Arthur Anderson Employee.

I have been writing on Obsidian Finance Group for years, and there have been many searches from "Russia Federation".  Rumor in Portlandia of Corruption is that the Russian Mafia runs Portland. I have no idea if this is true, but I do know that Russia is on my blogs alto looking at things to do with Obsidian Finance Group and Kevin Padrick, as well as Oregon Utility Companies. Lot's of Searches for Bradley Sawatzk, Energy Northwest, Fairlie Holding and Finance Limited. Do Russian Companies own Utility Companies in Oregon? I don't know how heavy Russia is invested in Oregon, I have heard that Portland has no Industry and it seems that Corruption is the Industry in the Portland Governing Body.  Who knows what is really true, maybe ol' Corrupt News Media Jeff Manning Will Tell Ya, NOT !!!

So, as you can see Kevin Padrick is a Powerful Man and when up against Kevin Padrick, the Truth is Twisted, is irrelevant, and if even when he wins a $2.5 Million Judgement, Tonkon Torp, Kevin Padrick's Attorney goes after the VICTIM some more by leaking a Privileged Communication and one email out of 4 to set me up for Extortion.

And Judge Marco Hernandez, controlled by the Power Elite in Portland Oregon accuses me of a Crime in a Motion pertaining to a Civil Trial. And the New York Times and Forbes drives the message into every household.  Judge Hernandez was put into his position after the Obsidian Finance Group filed a Lawsuit against an Investigative Blogger to attempt to Silence the TRUTH.  Judge Marco Hernandez replaced Judge Ancer Haggerty on my case.

Judge Marco Hernandez was put in to his position by Perkins Coie Connections and Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Gordon Smith, whom are both tied to the Forest and Energy Business and Obsidian Finance Group, as well as William Smith Properties in Bend Oregon whom recommended Obsidian to work for Summit, which essential drove Summit out of business for good and set the owners up to be indicted.

Then we have Marc Randazza, said to have Mafia ties also, and he is very powerful with the real Power Elite in America which is the Porn Industry Big Whigs. Marc Randazza is said to have worked with Judge Marco Hernandez and David Aman, Kevin Padrick in order to word the Motion for a New Trial DENIAL just so, in order to single out the Blogger that IS Exposing Corruption in Portland Oregon where they served me up biased justice indeed. And for an Entire Year and counting Judge Marco Hernandez REFUSED to sign a conflict of interest disclosure, that is Because Judge Marco Hernandez has lots of Conflicts of Interest.

Kevin Padrick is Said to be Connected to the Asian Mafia through deals he made with the Malasian Government, and Kevin Padrick advised the founder of Columbia Aircraft Company in their securing capital from the Government of Malaysia for their continued operations of Columbia. Kevin Padrick also acted as a financial advisor to that same founder in the sale of his interest in Columbia and the sale of his interest in Lancair, a manufacturer of experimental aircraft.

Kevin Padrick Does not Hide his Connections to the Government of Malaysia. He is a very Powerful Man and this power RUINS the lives of hundreds a year through the U.S. Court System.

Kevin Padrick is rumored to have ties with the Russian Mafia through Utility deals with Energy Northwest and More. SO ya there is a High Chance I will not live through any of this. Though David Carr of the New York Times makes a big joke about me claiming Kevin Padrick Hired a Hit Man.

Just how connected Sussman Shank, Tonkon Torp, Miller Nash, and Perkins Coie are to the Russian Mafia is the question.  Yes posting this will likely bring me more threats, and possibly follow through, the thing is, even if they Kill Me, I don't want the Lie to Stand as the TRUTH on my Watch. If the Great Spirit wants me to cross over then I shall.  Many say that Life is Winter and Death is Spring.

See Folks, Homeland Security, and who knows who else, have monitored my emails and phones for years. Oh well, I have nothing to hide. If they want to set me up or kill me, so be it. I am on the right side of the laws, the right side of the constitution and the right side of the moral compass. I work for the Great Spirit, and I do the best I can to do the Right Thing, and my way of Exposing the Evil, is simply my way. Judge me if you Must. However, wouldn't your time be better spent fighting Injustice for someone you know.  Go, Make the World a Better Place and Stop wasting your Time Speculation on my "Business Model" or the Lies your being fed about me to distract your drama craving lies from the Real Crimes.

Marc Randazza sure seems to get worked up on web sites where anyone mentions the word Mafia, thing is these guys did threaten me "Mafia Style" in their banter. And in Marc's emails to me saying "you wanna make a enemy of me", that sure was Mafia Style and after that he got people to bully me, set me up, lie about me, he himself offered to do a deposition and lie about me, and he got Forbes to lie about me... all seems pretty powerfully connected to me..

Here is the "Playful" Mafia Style Threat to my Kneecaps

So Yes Folks I know full well that my Life is in Daily Danger, it has been for YEARS. iViewit's Family Car was Bombed, the FBI ignores this, Volvo Ignores it. I check for Bombs best I can, I am not as naive as many of you think. If I Die, well I did the Best I could here on Earth and I fight for People worth Dying for. Thousands of Them.

Injustice to One is Injustice to All.
You are Either Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution

Portland Oregon Corruption, Russian Federation, Kevin D. Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group, Intel Corp., iViewit Technology, Michael Grebe, Judge Marco Hernandez, Perkins Coie Law Firm, Senator Ron Wyden, Senator Gordon Smith, Marc Randazza, Mafai Ties,

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