Apr 17, 2012

Stephens Media LLC Painting Marc Randazza out to Be a Saint, and a True Warrior for the First Amendment. Who is Stephens Media LLC?

However Marc Randazza is NOT for the First Amendment for All, just for his buddies, his clients. Ore so it sure seems that way to me.  This piece seems to be by Stephens Media LLC, which is behind the Righthaven Lawsuits.

Here is the We Love Marc Randazza Article by Stephens Media LLC

I believe that Marc Randazza worked with Judge Hernandez, and I know, admitted by Marc In an email that Marc Randazza was working with the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox, seemingly to undermine the best interest of the Free Speech Rights of Blogger Crystal Cox.  Yet Stephens Media LLC sure does Love Marc Randazza Why?

Well here is a bit more about Stephens Media LLC. From the Righthaven Lawsuits Website

"Righthaven LLC is owned 50/50 by two limited liability companies.  The first is Net Sortie Systems, LLC, which is owned by Las Vegas attorney Steven Gibson – the Nevada attorney who is behind all of the lawsuits filed by Righthaven.  The second is SI Content Monitor LLC, which is owned by family members of investment banking billionaire Warren Stephens whose investments includeStephens Media, LLC which owns the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  Righthaven's business arranagement is memorialized in a Strategic Alliance Agreement between Righthaven LLC and Stephens Media LLC (an arrangement that some commentators (here) argue (and at least one court order has found) renders void Stephens Media's copyright assignments to Righthaven, thereby nullifying Righthaven's standing to bring its copyright infringement actions).  A visual guide of Righthaven's corporate structure can be viewed here.  "

Source of Quote

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