Apr 7, 2012

I am an Anti-Corruption Investigative Blogger. I Fight for Something Greater then your Right to BITCH about People.

Start a Blog, EXPOSE Corruption in your Area, Your Field of Expertise, Send Me a Link, I WILL Get You FOUND, if I live through the PopeHat.com, Kenneth P. White, Kashmir Hill Forbes, David Carr New York Times, Judge Marco Hernandez, David Aman Tonkon Torp, Kevin Padrick Obsidian Finance Group, Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, LYNCH MOB to Silence a Blogger Exposing Corrupt Courts, Corrupt Judges, Corrupt Attorneys and giving Victims a Powerful Relentless Voice to BRING down the Wall of Corruption in America, and the WORLD.

Say NO to the Culture of Corruption.

Fight Back by BLOG

OCCUPY their "Reputation"

Expose the Corruption that Forbes, the New York Times, Lee Enterprises, the Oregonian and other Big Media REFUSE TO. Step aside Big Media, you had your chance, you messed up. Anti-Corruption Bloggers will take it from here. ~ I am Calling for a Boycott of Big Media.

Occupy the Illusion of Justice in the Judicial System

Fight Back By BLOG, and Email me a Link at SavvyBroker@Yahoo.com or WhistleBlowerMedia@Gmail.com.

I Have Your Back. 

"Til Death Do Us Part" 

Say NO to Blind Justice

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox
Una Stamus

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