Apr 11, 2012

"Court Rejects Liberty Media's Attempt To Say NY Defendant Can Be Sued In California"

"We've been quite critical of some of porn company Liberty Media's copyright trolling efforts, in which the company is using what we believe to be questionable legal theories to pressure people into paying up. We still find it interesting that the lawyer for Liberty Media, Marc Randazza, is also the main lawyer who has been putting so much pressure on Righthaven in many of its cases. 

Marc continues to see the two situations as quite different, but to us they still seem to be the same basic situation: using broad copyright claims, with sometimes questionable evidence, against individuals -- for whom the threat of statutory damages could be crippling.

In some ways, Liberty Media's efforts could be seen as worse than Righthaven's, because as a gay porn producer, anyone they threaten who is not publicly "out," may feel a much, much stronger threat, as being named in such a lawsuit may effectively out what they considered to be private information about their sexual interests."

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