Apr 17, 2012

PornWikiLeaks, Michael Fattorosi: Will Marc Randazza assist Michael Fattorosi in the PornWikiLeaks Matter.

"Three Stooges XXX parody' - Will porn attorney Marc Randazza who helped to shape the legalities of Parody assist evil porn attorney Fattorosi who allegedly advised on PornWikiLeaks?

A Monica Foster thought: Well at appears the issue of whether or not a porn movie which is deemed as parody will slip through the cracks this time around.

Of course the director of this flick is none other than the man who publicly stated that wished I would have committed suicide: Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen. According to TMZ as of today, Will / Jeff's attorney Michael Fattorosi (the porn industry attorney who threw the majority of the porn industry under the bus by allegedly advising those behind the PornWikiLeaks issue according to MikeSouth.com) has gone to bat against Robert Benjamin, Executive VP and General Counsel of C3 Entertainment (who controls the Three Stooges brand).

Marc Randazza's employee DeVoy
telling Fattorosi to contact Marc.
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Now in my view Michael Fattorosi isn't intelligent or skilled enough to fight this legal battle on his own, however according to some public tweets (and some emails of which I'm in possession of) he has a connection to Marc Randazza - the porn industry attorney who helped to shape the legalities of "parody" by winning the case of Beck vs. Eiland-Hall

I have to question whether or not Marc Randazza will assist Michael Fattorosi in this matter. If he does, not only does he openly support Fattorosi's alleged actions against the privacy and security of hundreds of adult entertainers due to the PornWikiLeaks issue...

He also supports the stalking and terrorism against anti-porn activists and pro-porn professionals alike considering that Will Ryder / Jeff Mullen is directly involved with Sean Tompkins (a man who has harassed, stalked, defamed and cyber bullied myself, my family members who have no connection to the adult industry and various other porn industry professionals)."

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