Apr 8, 2012

Notice: I have Opened this blog for comments, all will be monitored, hate will not be allowed

You can now post comments, you can even post the opposite view of me if you have that, you can defend Marc Randazza, however do so with intelligent conversation, back up your side with facts, and I will let the comment through even if I look bad. I will tolerate no Hate, back up your argument, make sense.

Marc Randazza is trying to get this site down and has already got one of my accounts shut down, if this site disappears email me at WhistleblowerMedia@Gmail, SavvyBroker@Yahoo.com, CrystalCoxBlogger@yahoo.com, Crystal@CrystalCox.com, and or US Mail, you know where my address exists.  I will then do email newsletters, press releases, and I am Nakaii Publishing and have over 50 ISBN numbers have for 17 years, so I will also publish as eBooks with ISBN numbers.

If you see information you want, create a PDF, Print, Save, as my blogs and domain names could be gone at any moment. Start your own blog, youtube channel, and expose corruption in your area of knowledge, expertise, or location.

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