Apr 7, 2012

John Kindley Declares Neutral on the Crystal Cox Marc Randazza WAR, as the Lynch Mob Continues to Gather Hate and Spread LIES to Put False Light on Anti-Corruption Blogger Crystal Cox

" I was predisposed to take Marc’s side in this War. I was the first to comment on the call to arms by Ken at Popehat that made everyone aware of the War, where I wrote:

Now I feel like kind of a schmuck for kind of making fun of everybody for praising Marco in my own post praising him.

In the post I was referring to in my comment, I had written of Marc:

I’ve never detected from him a whiff of the fondness for circle-jerking and (yes, of course, constitutionally-protected, thank God and Marco) internet-mobbing that characterizes to a greater or lesser extent many of his fans.

In line with that predisposition and in deference to Ken, whom I respect and admire as a principled blogger and lawyer whom I believe does what he believes is right, and who had asked his readers not to link to marcrandazza.com, the site from which Crystal Cox is waging her side of this War, I had refrained from doing so, up until my last post.

Now I can’t be so sure. "

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