Apr 12, 2012

A New Jersey Deli has No Right to Have Art on the Side of his Private Business, this is a First Amendment Violation.

The No Face in the Hoody, means to me that it could be any of us in a hoody, labeled for something we are not based on mass consciousness fed by big media painting a picture of who we are not.

A private business should be able to paint their building with what they want. Graffiti? Really? Graffiti like this is certainly art and is way less offensive then the major chains and their nothingness on the sides of their big corporate buildings.

Making this art, this message be taken down is a Constitutional Violation to us all.

Article Quote

"Just as the killing of Trayvon Martin is seen in differing ways, so is a mural created as a tribute to the Florida teen.

Artists call the mural in Elmwood Park an expression of solidarity for the young shooting victim, while some neighbors oppose the display, saying it promotes gang activity.
Now town officials say the mural at Messina deli on East 54th street must come down."

Source of Quote and Full Article

Make a Stand for the First Amendment.  A message on the side of a Private Business, shut down by Government because neighbors complain? Really? It is a private building, raising awareness of an important issue.  The message is not negative, it is ART, and what the viewer interprets.

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