Apr 21, 2012

Blogger Crystal Cox Says Marc Randazza bends the Law however he wishes and he has no accountability. David Aman Tonkon Torp Attorney worked with Marc Randazza to set me up for a Crime I did NOT Commit.

I was not served a Subpoena, and only emailed about a Deposition last Summer, and Judge Hernandez made me pay the Plaintiff $5000 for David Aman, Tonkon Torp Attorney's cost. Though I never agreed to that time nor place. And then we have Marc Randazza Subpoena'd and he just don't go, and I, in my pro se capacity was not given the reason he gave, nor any documents of why this Subpoenaed Deposition did not happen.

How does Marc Randazza wrangle the Law in every State to Bend to his wishes?

Marc Randazza got served as we know, right? And he even offered to do the deposition, as surely emails and phone records will show. So why not go?  I want Marc Randazza to be deposed, as I have nothing to hide, I never did anything wrong or illegal. And if he was going to testify that I owned a $10 Domain Name, yet spend travel time, air fare, court reporting fees, video fees just for that $10 how is it worth it? Oh I know David Aman and Marc Randazza are hell bent on setting me up for extortion so it creates a smoke screen for the real crimes that I am exposing.

See David Aman did depose me a few weeks back and for the Second Deposition he violated my 14th Amendment Rights in trying to get me to be a witness to myself for a crime, one in which I was not charged with nor given an attorney to defend me over.

Yet the Transcripts to my recent deposition shows David Aman was not concerned with assets really, not concerned with future jobs, not concerned with past money made in real estate or any other higher profit area I may have made money in... David Aman, Attorney for the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox was only after what I made as a Search Engine Reputation Manager, which is under $2000 in 5 years.  And this was to set me up for a Crime. I made way more then that in real estate that last 5 years, but he was not interested in that. I made more then that at selling nutritional supplements and he was not interested in that.

I objected and David Aman threatened to call the judge, I objected because it had nothing to do with Assets or how I could pay my $2.5 Million Judgement, which is what the deposition was allegedly about.  Turns out it was really to set me up for criminal charges in which the Judge, nor David Aman, nor Marc Randazza have filed, yet they convince the Media that I am simply GUILTY.

So how did Marc Randazza get out of that Deposition and Why was I not Told Why, when I am Pro Se in the Matter?

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