Apr 4, 2012

Crystal Cox Speaks Out on the Obsidian V. Cox Trial. Montana Blogger Crystal Cox Regarding Obsidian Finance Group, Kevin Padrick, David Aman Tonkon Torp Trial, Judge Marco Hernandez Presiding.

Kenneth P. White, PopeHat.com, Kenneth P. White of Brown, White & Newhouse LLP and the condoning of Brown, White & Newhouse LLP Attorneys George P. Schiavelli, George B. Newhouse, Jr., Katherine McBroom, Thomas M. Brown, David R. Fields, Steven Heath, John W. Short, Nannina L. Angioni, Kenneth P. White, Andrew J. Beechko, Vivian Anaya, Mark McGuire, Walter T. Moore, E. Joan Nelms, Sydney M. Mehringer,William M. Nassar, Alfredo X. Jarrin, seemingly in the action of Kenneth P. White and Brown, White & Newhouse LLP.

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