Apr 8, 2012

Notice: I am Serious about this Now.

Jokes aside, As I am now working on my Judicial Complaints, Criminal Complaints and more, it is time to get serious about the real issue, which is uncovering corruption, conflicts of interest and all that interferes with due process of law.

The sexual yammer, threats to my kneecaps, lies about me, and all the hate rising up through the lies of Marc Randazza, well I will trust that the Great Spirit is watching over me there. I will no longer engage. However, I will now include Marc Randazza in my investigations.

So please send Facts, Documents, Videos, Depositions, Legal Cases, and Proof of Corruption, Ethics Violations, Fraud, Deception or anything you can prove is something I should look at to expose Marc Randazza.  If you must be anonymous, I understand, however you facts, documents, and proof must be clearly presented to the best of your ability. If I get enough information I will file complaints with the various Bar departments, the Department of Justice, FBI, SEC or related agency. And if they ignore the complaint, I will tell you guys who ignored the complaint and how I believe that they are connected to the crime I am exposing.

Sit Back and Relax.  Enjoy your Hate Party regarding me, I have had my fun and now intend to get "Serious".  You will have to play without me.

Happy Easter, Goddess Bless you ALL.... may Peace and Love Fill your Life and Corruption in the Judicial System never harm you in any way.

Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger.

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