Apr 18, 2012

Have a Warren Stephens Tip? There has to be much more that Marc Randazza has done behind the scenes to make big money for bad people, in my OPINION.

"What I believe needs to be considered is how the RJ is going to reverse its course; if it's going to sold as damaged goods; who's paying for the defenses of the RJ managers who are also being sued (the RJ, obviously) and how much it's costing Stephens. While Warren Stephens is characterized as a "billionaire," Sen. Dirksen was reputed to have said, "A billion here, a billion there and you're talking about real money." One has to wonder if the liability doesn't move all the way to the top of the organization as well."

Source of Quote

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"“I don't know why they don't stop this whole charade,” said Marc Randazza.."


Really Marc Randazza, why don't you STOP the Charade, I have proved you lied over and over about me and your out there talking of Charades and Shams, when you are the Puppeteer.

What a Mess


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