Apr 4, 2012

Statement from Stephanie DeYoung Regarding Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and What Marc Randazza put about Regarding Stephanie DeYoung.

Stephanie DeYoung Posted this Comment on Marc Randazza's Blog. As of 2:30 Pacific Time Marc Randazza has not allowed this comment to be posted, though he posted an alleged quote from Stephanie DeYoung which is not online and was leaked to him from the Plaintiff's Camp.

Stephanie Emailed me this as soon as she posted It on Marc's Blog, it seems they have not let the comment through.

"Stephanie DeYoung says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Since this story is not transparent and there has been no real investigation into the matter, I have let the public see my original blog on this story. I took it down because I wanted nothing to do with Kevin Padrick of Obsidian Finance, but somehow he has convinced the media that he is this good guy who has been damaged. He is not anything close to good. He is a vulture who waits for his kill to die and he takes all that he can. The blog that originated this story was my blog. You can read it at http://www.summit1031bkjustice.com.

Crystal Cox based much of what she wrote on either what I told her or what was on my blogs. She fought for the victims in this case and that seems to be forgotten. She did this for no money at all.
Kevin Padrick was originally hired on as a consultant (not the highest paying job). He took Summit ’s financial information to the creditors (other side and definite conflict of interest) without anyone’s direction to do so but himself. He has not proven otherwise. That manuever made him approximately $6.5 Million as Trustee of the bankruptcy – a much higher paying job. Like he didn’t know exactly what he was doing when he made false promises to the Summit Accommodator’s shareholders when he was selling his consultant services to them in their time of need.
Maybe Someone Should really get the FACTS straight here.
Stephanie DeYoung"

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