Apr 17, 2012

KNPR and Marc Randazza. Righthaven and Stephens Media LLC.

KNPR and Marc Randazza. Look Deep into all these Connections.
They want you to support Nevada Public Radio, yet they protect Marc Randazza to flat out LIE about Blogger Crystal Cox who is exposing corruption in the Judicial System.


Marc Randazza gets the money from the Assets that went into Receivership from Righthaven? What, this is all pretty confusing. I mean Clearly Marc Randazza is in bed with Stephens Media LLC and that is Righthaven, right. And then he takes the assets to get paid for winning against Righthaven?

Forfeit Copyrights to Satisfy Attorney Debts? There is a lot more to all this.
Going to a Lawyer named.. oh I mean a Receiver to be auctioned off, so proceed go to Marc Randazza, whom still is very cozy with Stephens Media LLC.

Marc Randazza gets paid over defending someone against Righthaven, this guy says. Thing is It looks to me like Marc Randazza is on the side of Righthaven.

Righthaven lost over something posted on a Message Board at the Las Vegas Journal site? Hmm.. but this is owned by Stephens Media, who owns part of Righthaven Right?
"Righthaven owes its origins to Stephens Media"
Source of Quote

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"Def Counsel: Marc Randazza, James M. DeVoy"
This is the Same Devoy, allegedly connected to Whiteacre, Stalking, Harassing, Cyberbullying and driving Victims to suicide.


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