Apr 12, 2012

Folks If you see something of Interest, save it, print it out, or repost word for word if you like. Marc Randazza got my wordpress blog shut down and some Google Sites, he is very Powerfully Connected. So Repost, save information best you can before it is GONE

Marc Randazza is not really for Free Speech. 

Marc Randazza got my word press blog shut down.

In the Name of Free Speech, though Marc Randazza lies about me on his blog, posting no facts, and not letting comments in from those he allegedly quotes. 

Save Information from My Blogs.  Investigative the Shellee Hale Story. Look into Marc Randazza and connection to the Michael Fattorosi, pornwikileaks scandal. Look deep into Bittorrent, Corbin Fisher and the odd Amnesty, Extortion Scam.  Look at the Porn Industry Women driven to suicide so they get more web traffic.

Look at Forbes in connection to the Michael Fattorosi Scandal. Look at AboveTheLaw.com and Kashmir Hill favoring Marc Randazza. Research the iViewit Story and the Amazing Video Technology these guys invented. Look Deep as I am Exposing Marc Randazza and he is mad, I may not live to see my Appeal.  Keep Digging.

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