Apr 17, 2012

Todd Kincannon - Righthaven Lawsuits Website. Warren Stephens, Stephens Media LLC, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Media News Group, and More.

"Nevada Court Dismisses Righthaven's Lawsuit for Lack of Standing  (review court order here)
Colorado Court Joins Nevada Courts in Dismissing Righthaven's Lawsuits for Lack of Standing (review court order here)

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"While Righthaven owes its origins to Stephens Media, Righthaven recently picked up another media company client interested in pursuing the same type of copyright enforcement efforts on its behalf -- WEHCO Media (which owns several weekly and daily publications including the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and Chattanooga Times Free Press, but also has a partnership with Stephens Media regarding WEHCO’s Northwest Arkansas publications).  News coverage of Righthaven's new "client" hereherehere, and here. "

I guess all of these connections got Marc Randazza some help in the search engines by giving False light that Marc Randazza is a good guy. Meanwhile Marc Randazza is suppressing the Freedom of Speech Rights of Crystal Cox, an Investigative Blogger.

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