Apr 13, 2012

Is this Not Extortion ? The Rate For Amnesty? What? This is Legally Extortion, Right?

"Marc Randazza tells The Advocate that the rate for amnesty has now increased"

"Corbin Fisher is still planning to go after some 35,000 people for illegally downloading content through BitTorrent, but the company is offering an amnesty to those who come forward now. Illegal downloaders can pay a onetime fee of $1,900 and they will not be sued, plus they will also receive a one-year subscription to the company’s network of sites."

Source of Above Quotes

Marc Randazza, Corbin Fisher are extorting 35,000 people and trying to put up a smoke screen to defame blogger Crystal Cox to distract from the FACT that Corbin Fisher is using the Iviewit Technology on these video downloads, then they are trying to "Shakedown" the people who download these videos. Though Liberty Media, Corbin Fisher have no legal right to use this Technology. As this belongs to the iViewit Inventors.

Folks, Marc Randazza is suing you over a Technology they had no legal right to use.

Marc Randazza says Blogger Crystal Cox extorted him just because I bought MarcRandazza.com and a month later asked if he or anyone he knew needed a PR Person. I had not wrote anything negative at that that time, nor did I ask for money for anything I had written or done. I simply pitched the job of Reputation Management which is a skill set online that goes right along with Investigative Blogging. Marc Randazza got so mad he offered to be deposed by the Plaintiff in my case to teach me a lesson and take the name via a $10 asset probe, with a $2.5 Million Dollar Debt.

The Corbin Fisher, Marc Randazza Amnesty / Extortion scam is not right, look deeper, expose them.

If Marc Randazza, Corbin Fisher is suing you, Research the iViewit Technology in your case, as they have not paid the inventors to use the technology that they are suing you over.


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