Apr 2, 2012

Marc Randazza and Kenneth P. White are Participating in a Federal Hate Crime to be Filed Soon. C. S. P. Schofield of the Pope Hate Kenneth P. White Lynch Mob Threatens Blogger Crystal Cox Physical Harm

It is massively unEthical for an Attorney to have a Blog that threatens physical harm to a blogger.

This is a Threatening Comment on the PopeHate.com Blog where Kenneth P. White of Brown White & Newhouse LLP Seems to have incited a riot, and seems to be participating in a Federal Hate Crime.

"C. S. P. Schofield • Apr 2, 2012 @9:02 am

My hope for Ms. Cox, as I find out more and more about he sleazy behavior, is that she try her extortion on somebody able to make the following interoffice memo come true;

"Ms. Cox,

While you were out two large gentlemen named Guido and Nunzio came by. They muttered something about "Kneecaps" and will call again."

As the non-fact and flat out lies of the "PopeHat.com" Blog mount, and Kenneth P. White, Brown White & Newhouse LLP and the PopeHat Lynch Mob speculate as to who I am and what they judge I have done without the facts of the story, painting me in seriously False Light.

Kenneth P. White of the Brown White & Newhouse LLP PopeHat.com Blog is deliberately painting me in a False Light, which seems to be in order to aid and abet the silencing of a blogger whom is exposing corruption among Attorneys, Judges, the Department of Justice, and the Culture of Corruption in America.

Kenneth P. White of  Brown White & Newhouse LLP PopeHat.com Blog has made false implications, and flat out lied regarding the domain registration of domain names regarding Marc Randazza.

The domain names were purchased by me, Domainer, Blogger Crystal Cox, to make the point that Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group does not have the level of internet expertise that he claims to have.

I never said one word that was negative against Marc Randazza, until he offered to testify with the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox, in order to set me up for a crime that I had not been charged with nor was I on Trial for and this was in the name of an Asset Search, enabling the Plaintiff's Attorney David Aman to harass me, and commit Fraud on the Courts by bullying a Pro Se Defendant. After this Declaration of WAR, as I saw it, I then purchased the many other Domain Names regarding Marc Randazza.

The Facts are not being presented to the reader, deliberately by Kenneth White of PopeHat.com in order to defend Marc Randazza who really did violate my Constitutional Rights, who really did Unethical tell member of the First Amendment Bar that he represented me, Blogger Crystal Cox and Marc Randazza really did negotiate with the Plaintiff WITHOUT my Permission. If you don't believe it, file a complaint and let me Depose the Attorneys in the First Amendment Bar whom told me this.

Regarding David Aman, Tonkon Torp Attorney accusing me of Extortion, you can see in several Motions I filed over the last year and in the Trial Transcripts I demanded a Public Defender as they were accusing me of a crime. I wanted to have "Due Process",  have a criminal complaint filed and give me a Public Defender so that I could present my side instead of Guilty without a Trial or even a chance to defend myself of these allegations.

Judge Hernandez, as you see in the Trial Transcripts said I was not being accused by a crime and that if the Plaintiff's Attorney did accuse me of a Crime to plead the Fifth. Yet in Judge Hernandez's Denial of a New Trial, a Federal Judge, him, accused me of a the Crime of Extortion which was not true, not proven and I was given no trial in order to provide a defense for this claim. Yet now this Denial of a New Trial Filing by a Federal Judge is used to incite a Lynch Mob against me, and will now be part of a Federal Hate Crime Complaint, Judicial Complaint, and More.

This is a Criminal Conspiracy and Conflict of Interest involving a Federal Judge that has failed to Admit or Deny a Conflict in the Obsidian Finance Group Vs. Crystal Cox Blogger Trial. It is a Felony to Not Affirm or Deny a Conflict of Interest.  I was Denied my rights to due process, I was discriminated against in favor of Tonkon Torp Lawyers. My evidence was not allowed into court, my proof was not admissible, my rights were denied, and fraud on the courts was committed by Tonkon Torp, Obsidian Finance Group and Judge Marco Hernandez.

I, Crystal Cox, in My Pro Se Capacity, had and have a right to a non-conflicted judge ruling in my case. I am filing Judicial Complaints, Hate Crimes, Department of Justice Complaints, Bar Complaints and eventually a Federal RICO Lawsuit. I am also filing a Criminal Complaint With U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder with Felony Charges, Denial of Due Process, and Fraud on the Courts of U.S District Court out of Portland Oregon. Judge Marco Hernandez Presiding.

I am also filing a complaint with the Judicial Qualification Committe of Oregon, Susan D. Isaacs, Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability.

I am also filing a Lawsuit Against Marc Randazza, David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law Firm and Kenneth P. White of the Brown White & Newhouse LLP as they deliberately and maliciously paint me in "False Light", Excuse me of a Crime and Defame me with Actual Malice as David Aman, Tonkon Torp Lawyer knows full well he gave that email to Forbes and there were more emails in that thread. I am filing bar complaints against these Attorneys as well, I will share these complaints with my readers when I am finished and they have been filed.

Marc Randazza, acted unethically, illegally in my opinion, in telling Attorneys of the First Amendment Bar that he represented me and telling those same Attorneys that he, Marc Randazza had already contacted the Plaintiff's Side of my Legal Case, to negotiate a deal. This was without my Consent, and was definately unethical if not illegal.

Kenneth P. White of the Brown White & Newhouse LLP PopeHat.com and Marc Randazza himself leaked the fact that I own the child's domain name to the public, I never mentioned it, I never posted on the domain name nor would I. I purchased this name as a behind the scenes slam against Marc Randazza within the domainer and intellectual property industry for those who would see this and that exact name was never to be mentioned on my blogs. Kenneth P. White of the Brown White & Newhouse LLP PopeHat.com and Marc Randazza have used a child as bait to incite a lynch mob, put me in False Light, Defame me and incite physical harm and threats my way.

Kenneth P. White of the Brown White & Newhouse LLP of the PopeHat.com Blog is aiding and abetting criminal activity and unethical behavior among attorneys.

I Believe that Kenneth P. White of the Brown White & Newhouse LLP of the PopeHat.com Blog has connections inside Godaddy that enable him to change technical information regarding other people's links and gets information regarding personal Godaddy Accounts, and publishes this speculation as an attorney inciting a lynch mob against a blogger that is Expose Corruption and Unethical Behavior among attorneys.

I am filing Bar Complaints, and Criminal Complaints with the Attorney General this week. Please Email me any information you have Regarding PopeHate.com, Kenneth P. White of the Brown White & Newhouse LLP, Marc Randazza, C. S. P. Schofield, Or Tracy Coenen. SavvyBroker@Yahoo.com

A Bit About Me.

My Altruism is unmatched. I have spent all of my time, all of my money, my friends money, my families money in order to fight for victims of the Culture of Corruption in America.

I have done this asking for no money in return. I have made a living selling real estate and selling supplements and used my money, my time, in total Altruistic dedication to provide transparency and accountability and to give a voice to those shut down, silenced, jailed, and put in mental institutes because they were exposing corruption in the courts and within law enforcement, banking, real estate and more within their area of expertise, experience of physical location.

I have been in a documentary regarding corruption in Montana. I have give up my very successful main street real estate business in Montana due to death threats and harassment from within Montana Law Enforcement.

I have been set up by judges with protective orders against me that were not mutual and not based in law. I have had death threats in which Montana Authorities and the FBI Ignores.

In Obsidian V. Cox, Judge Hernandez Claimed in a Hearing called Motion to Exclude Sean Boushie, that he was calling for an FBI investigative over the intimidation of a Defendant in a Federal Legal Proceeding, the Plaintiff's Attorney was in constant contact with this man.

This month I was asked to be in another documentary on Corruption, this was publicized and Sean Boushie emailed the Producer to ask when and where I would be interviewed. I sent this to my FBI Connection, as I have every threat for years. Nothing has been done to offer me any sort of protection.

I have lost my home, my personal possessions, my way of life in every way as I made a stand for the Victims of Montana Corruption, Real Estate Corruption, and the Massive Corruption surrounding the theft of the iViewit Technologies Invention. 

Now I get daily tips from Whistle Blowers regarding corruption within the courts around the United States.  I get victims stories daily and I do the best I can in order to give them a voice for free, and I do not ask for money from those whom have made these victims.  I have never received money from the "Bad Guys" whom I Expose in order to Remove information online regarding their "Bad Behavior" this is a smoke screen in attempt to suggest that Hey if the Messenger is Evil and Bad then the Message is not True Right?

Well the TRUTH is, even if I was Evil and Bad, the Message WOULD STILL BE TRUE.

And it would still be NOT MY STORY, but simply a story I was reporting on in order to attempt to make the world a better place by providing transparency and accountability in cases where there is none.

And in the most amazing gift of all, which is why I press on under such massive duress, and that is the Men and Woman whom call me their Angel because I have not only heard them and offered quiet private solace, but I Have ROARED their Story, and I have give them a Voice that all other Media, Police, Judges, Attorneys and more, have denied them.  Oftentimes, this small act in and of itself gives these victims the courage, the satisfaction to go back to their lives as they once knew it, finding peace in the fact that one person heard them and Roared in their Defense.

People beg me daily to take their story, and I simply cannot keep up with it. I do this for Free, and in that I lost my worldly possessions, lost my foundation of life per say, and lost my revenue that I once had that made my network so great in the first place. All this lost to the Altruism of my ability to get their voice, their story, to the top of the search engines in order to give them hope, to turn up more information on their case. And to do my part in bring down the Wall of Corruption that has become our Justice System.

I am doing the best I can to make this world a better place, that Simply. And yeah I use the Power of Domain Names, the Power of Internet Marketing to provide Massive PR, and exposure to the best of my ability to help the victims being shoved in the corner by the Entire Culture of Corruption that is in the smallest towns and courts to the biggest cities and courts.

I have been intensely Spiritual my entire life. I Pray Every Single Day to the Great Spirit and have for my entire life. I constantly talk to Angels, Archangels and pray for signs, information that will help me to do what is right and what is of the highest and best good. I really care about these victims, I fight for them the very best I can, and with the most integrity I possibly can.

No I don't hear voices, thing is I am connected to the Divine and what I do truly is to protect the innocent and to FIGHT for the rights of those who are persecuted by corruption in towns and cities worldwide.  They are one person, one mother, one father, one small company and they cannot Climb the Wall of Corruption alone.

Also Please Note that Kenneth P. White of the Brown White & Newhouse, LLP PopeHat.com, knows that I became a Minister, a Reverend this last winter and is persecuting me based on this Spiritual Decision as well.

Posted Here in True, Genuine Altruism
Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox

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